Risk Management

Safeguarding your business with advanced analytics


Risk Management Engines + Models
We employ risk management models to a variety of business activities, including response, underwriting, fraud, credit risk, attrition risk, and collections.
Integrated Solutions + Platforms
We develop bespoke risk solutions including modeling, decision frameworks, rules and processes to help you identify, mitigate, and manage risk.
Cross-Customer Lifecycle Risk Experience
Our experience spans the risk and fraud management lifecycle for Acquisition, Underwriting, Account Management / Point-of-Sale, Customer Management and Collections.
Case Study

Underwriting risk models for a small business portfolio

Our client, a Fortune 100 US bank, hired us to help transform the underwriting decisioning for its small business lease, line of credit and loans portfolios.
We were tasked with the creation of a brand-new internal risk score for each of the portfolios with high expectations of new model performance relative to existing benchmarks and a contingency-based fees structure.
We built a model suite out-performing the existing model and other benchmarks by 80-90%.
Worked with internal teams to determine scores cutoffs, wrote prototype scoring code and assisted Technologies in implementation.
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