Marketing + Sales Analytics

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End-to-End Sales Force Optimization
We use customer segmentation, channel and resource optimization, sales force management, and more to streamline and enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability of your organization.
Total Business Visibility
We help you set measurable goals and select KPIs across your business to make operational, financial, and strategic decisions with confidence.
Customer Lifecycle Marketing
Fresh insights and data-driven strategies ensure that you and your business are prepared for every stage of the customer lifecycle.
Operationalizing Marketing Strategy
DIA develops recommender systems, individualized offers, and triggers that respond to customer behavior automate your campaigns—resulting in enhanced engagement, user experience, and conversion rates.
Case Study

Leveraging hidden performance drivers through measurement, reporting, and optimization

A global financial services organization needed support for their SMB Customer Communications team. Internal teams lacked a holistic view of historical performance, resulting in inconsistent measurement and missed opportunities — future initiatives were being planned in strategic silos without critical data to inform campaign design and implementation.
The Strategy
Reporting Packages
DIA worked with multiple teams across the organization to define measures of success for both existing and new initiatives, with specific regard to shareholder value and customer experience. We created the internal data environment required to facilitate measurement, as well as the processes to ensure its maintenance.
Monthly reporting packages, including both executive summaries and insights, were generated and circulated.
Performance Deep-Dives
The performance management system allowed for deep data analysis of performance, including:
Incremental volume from cross-sell/up-sell
  • Net response (offer rate, conversion rate)
  • Value per sell by product and channel
Incremental from purchase volume expansion campaign (tracked by Test vs. Control)
Incremental volume from enrollments/other treatment
  • Multiplier calculation
  • Performance by customer segment
Strategy Refinements
Emerging trends from the monthly reporting packages and performance deep dives resulted in actionable, analytics-based recommendations for marketing strategy and implementation, in areas like:
  • Opportunity identification
  • Channel capacity
  • Treatable population sizing
  • Profitability and ROI
The Results
The holistic view provided by the performance management system allowed the SMB team to better strategize, plan, and implement— selecting channels and messages most effective for reaching and converting specific segments.
Increased visibility
Our monthly reporting packages identified emerging, segment-level trends and campaign performance drivers.
Strategy & 
Trends were leveraged to inform future campaign strategy and KPI selection.
40% YoY Growth
Analytics-based recommendations contributed to significant year-over-year growth in purchase volume.
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