Big Data Innovation

Maximizing the transformative power of enterprise data


Next-Generation Data Strategy
From creating a business-wide data repository to implementing data enrichment algorithms, we put your data to work solving your current business challenges—and anticipating your future opportunities.
Comprehensive Customer Platforms
Tailor-made customer data platforms facilitate past campaign performance review, new campaign planning, and customer-level personalized views—all within intuitive and user-friendly interfaces
Matching Engines
Our experience with advanced analytics methodologies across vast data sets and diverse sources generates clean data for valid and actionable insights for your entire organization.
Case Study

Enhancing customer interactions through historical data and strategic channel selections

A global organization had massive amounts of customer-specific data, but no way of leveraging it for better comms planning. Internal, channel-based silos created barriers for a historical and holistic look at a customer’s interactions with marketing and communications initiatives.
The Strategy
Data Inventory
We started by matching a list of client treatments and products to customer-specific needs.
Data management techniques were improved by capturing more response data, reducing latency, and creating customer-centric data.
A Big Data testing environment was used for approved use-cases.
Operational Support
Data Requirements
We created response levels for campaign-specific communication, and graded those levels based on early indications of engagement (website visits, open & click URL links) and ultimate engagement (using the offer, activating the product, etc.). Metadata was then attached to prioritized data fields.
Big Data Repository
DIA supported the ingestion and prioritizing of existing data fields & platforms into Big Data (Hadoop) environment, and created a module to capture the full customer contact history by channel.
Marketing Automation
Competing messages were automatically prioritized through a DIA-developed machine learning recommender system, resulting in eligibility lists and customer counts for future campaigns
Cross-Channel POA
The right person, the right message, the right channel, the right time.
Marketers now had access to instant campaign results from Big Data Repository—enabling the creation of a cross-channel customer centric model that prioritizes messages by relevance to the customer.
The Results
Marketers were provided with personalized views of their customers—knowing which channels and messages were most likely to result in supportive behaviors and engagements.
Big Data Repository
We supported the creation of Big Data repository of customer data using a Hadoop framework.
Cross-team integration
DIA submitted data requirements across team projects and modules
CRM innovation
Big Data Email Model was leveraged to support the client’s cross-channel communication objective.
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