Financial Quantitative Analyst

A Financial Quantitative Analyst wanted by DIA Associates LLC in Jersey City, New Jersey.

  • Conduct financial modeling for clients by simulating outcomes and calculating revenue, cost and profitability, in order to quantify the economic impact of various scenarios for a company, including the analyst’s recommendations.
  • Work with clients and external data vendors such as credit bureaus and online resources to gather information and data required for business analysis.
  • Process data and information gathered from various sources of customer characteristics such as credit scores, account balances, and monthly expenditures, in order to analyze client business projects, and compile data to detect patterns.
  • Clean data by identifying data elements which require further formatting or transformation, and removing fields and noting observations from master-datasets which do not fit analysis requirements.
  • Execute discrete analysis, such as profiling, by considering evolution of population characteristics over time; segmentation, by separating population into distinct groups based on underlying metric using population and/or entity characteristics; and modeling, by building statistical/economical models in order to establish relationships.
  • Responsible for quality control by assuring that data elements acquired take values which are fit for future analysis, benchmark certain population metric against external reports and/or expectations, and validate analysis results through testing, simulation and syndication with larger team, often including the client.
  • Capture and interpret analysis findings and recommendations, and translate findings into visually presentable pages and detailed presentations for clients.
  • Master’s degree in Finance or Financial Engineering
  • Must have at least Two (2) years of experience in data analysis
  • Must have knowledge of risk management, optimization models, Stochastic Models, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Monte Carlo simulation, continuous-time models, Time Series Analysis, Black-Scholes model, Python.
Base Salary



401(k) & 401(k) matching, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid time off.

To Apply
Please send resume to using subject line: NJ-FQA/DIA Associates LLC.
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