What We Do

Marketing and Sales »

Our teams have been consistently delivering high-impact results across many engagements. We have been involved in numerous aspects of Marketing and Sales strategy: Sales Channels and Compensation Strategy, Target Setting, Client Engagement Tactics, Tracking of Results and Drivers as well as Tactical Opportunities Identification. We are engaged and equally versatile in both high level strategy and lower level details (customer-level, representative-level). Our teams’ roles vary depending on the projects’ needs and can range from program management office to detailed capabilities developments (recommender systems, predictive and forecasting models and others).

Business Planning and Strategy »

At DIA Associates, we share the conviction that an effective business strategy should be robust at the high-level, but also link to the next level of detail with focus on immediate profitable actions. Therefore, our fact-based approach has been crucial in delivering value to clients across a multitude of engagements.

Risk Management »

We have worked with Risk Management teams in top financial services organizations across the entire customer lifecycle. Traditionally, Risk Management is one of the more data- and methodology-intensive areas. We have proven ourselves as reliable partners and drivers of change to clients with very high standards. Engagements we have contributed to range from the domains of Acquisitions to Collections and the associated analytics from customer-segment to transaction-level.

Product Design »

Our teams have been instrumental in a number of engagements focusing on optimal product design. Some of these have focused on detailed sensitivity-based pricing, line assignment and management and loan terms. Others have focused on developing the concept and the detailed parameters of new products, sizing and defining the target base and developing the work-flows associated with various decisioning phases.

Innovative Capabilities »

We have a rich experience helping our clients fundamentally transform certain aspects of their operations based on developing, prototyping  and implementing a number of new capabilities. These have ranged from next-generation matching engines, innovative models, developing comprehensive customer platforms, next-generation data strategy and others.

Regulatory »

In an era of heightened regulatory standards, particularly in the banking sector, our clients frequently leverage our expertise in some of the most critical areas. These include Federal Reserve Stress Testing (CCAR, DFAST), Basel, SR11-7 and others. We have been instrumental in developing and documenting some of the cutting-edge models for top financial services institutions.