Who We Are

DIA Associates was established in 2008. While we have grown over the years, we remain a highly-focused boutique consulting firm. We typically serve sophisticated clients who recognize the urgent need to innovate and leverage fact-based and analytics-driven strategies in order to drive portfolio performance. The impact of our work is consistently measured in hundreds of millions of pre-tax income impact for our clients year after year. While a most of our work is in financial services sector, we have a solid track record delivering value in other industries as well.

At the core of our approach is the firm conviction in the transformational power of analytics to drive measurable results and sustainable competitive advantages for our clients. Our consultants integrate best practices from traditional consulting with robust analytics in order to deliver results to our increasingly sophisticated and informed clients. We recruit and develop some of the most accomplished individuals in order to continue to match the growing complexity in the business environment of today.

We typically follow a top-down approach is addressing a business problem. Once we have deconstructed and mapped-out the issues we are addressing into their logical components, we would align the necessary analyses and data required to each. While our teams can be fairly analytical and technical, we our primary focus is on delivering a powerful and pragmatic solution to a business problem.